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About Us

DRN Sterling Construction, Inc. is a General Construction firm that can meet your deadlines and budgets in the 21st century. We are customer oriented and are aware of the pressures and constraints that are part of the current marketplace. We have the background and experience necessary for the successful completion of your project while helping to guide you through the maze that can be a part of the process. Design issues, complex permitting processes, and the ordeal of the construction itself can be daunting to even the experienced owner. 

Sterling can provide access to design professionals, including architects, engineers of all disciplines, and designers if necessary. We can help with your team if you have already proceeded to that point as well. Whether you have a time proven prototype, a second or third branch of a successful operation, or just a concept with basic requirements, DRN Sterling Construction, Inc. can provide whatever level of help you require.

Residential or commercial, food service, religious, new, remodeled, or any possible combination of them, we are ready to take your dream and turn it into a reality. Our 40+ years in the construction industry have taught us the importance of being sensitive to the needs of not only the project, but of the owners of the project, the property, the design team, and the multitude of municipal and governmental organizations that are all a part of completing a successful construction project for you.


We are servicing Greater Los Angeles.

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