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CUSTOM HOMES & Hillside Construction solutions.
From the dream to the reality, DRN Sterling Construction, Inc. has the resources to lead the client/owner through the maze of steps from the design professionals to the municipal red tape. We can suggest proven architectural and engineering firms that can translate those dreams into lines on a page and eventually into a living space that becomes a home.

DRN Sterling Construction, Inc. will work with you and provide whatever level of assistance your project requires.

Architectural &

Engineering services

Customized to Your Preferences


DRN Sterling Construction, Inc. is the best choice for your addition.

Whether you are looking for a single story expansion, a second floor added over existing space, or a more complex multi-story addition, we have both the resources and experience to make your project as painless as possible. Our sub-contractors are trusted and time proven and able to respond to your needs. Our experience can help you identify the most practical and efficient design for your addition to meet all your requirements.

Our design and engineering professionals can help you with the initial design or we can use your drawings and specifications to complete your dream.

tenant improvement

This unique product has a variety of constrains. Those constraints can range from difficulty of access, i.e. an operating mall environment, to work time restrictions, and utility support issues from the Owner. Our experience in all this areas makes DRN Sterling Construction, Inc. qualified to anticipate the pitfalls that other less experienced contractors must learn 

at the clients expense, thus extending schedules and budgets. We will provide warnings where required, advice where prudent, and guidance where applicable. We can work with the client's design team in 'themed' projects to provide the continuity the shopper has come to expect.

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